65 Step-by-Step Dropbox Hacks

I’m sure you already know about the cloud storage service Dropbox. You know how Dropbox has changed the way people work. You know Dropbox keeps your files in sync across all of your computers. And you know it lets you have access to your files on any computer with an Internet connection.

What you may not know is Dropbox can do so much more than simple file syncing. Anything from simple home security to web hosting is possible with Dropbox.

There’s a problem, though: you have 2 GB or more of free space but little idea how to use it all. With so many possibilities, where do you begin?

Hello! My name is Loren. I’ve been a Dropbox fanatic since 2012. Since my first experience with Dropbox, I’ve collected every tip, trick, and hack for Dropbox I could find. I’ve made Dropbox an integral part of my life, and I’ve documented every bit of it. Now I’m sharing this information with you in my eBook, Hacking Dropbox: 65 useful hacks that will turn you into a Dropbox Ninja.

Hacking DropboxHacking Dropbox teaches you exactly how to get the most from your Dropbox account. When you buy my eBook you’ll learn:

The most important documents to keep in your Dropbox
How to automate your life with Dropbox
How to shield your private documents from prying eyes
How to maintain customizations across computers
The secret to hosting your own website with Dropbox – no programming required
And much, much more!

Each of the 65 tips in my 82-page eBook shows you step-by-step (including detailed screenshots) how to use Dropbox to make your life easier.


Hacking Dropbox is available now for $1.99. I know you may wonder whether my eBook is worth the cost. Fear not: Hacking Dropbox comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just email me to let me know and I’ll immediately refund your credit card – no questions asked. Plus, I’ll even let you keep the eBook with my compliments.


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“Can I see what the book covers?”

Sure! Here’s the table of contents, plus an excerpt from the book.

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Even better: every person who buys Hacking Dropbox will receive all future editions free of charge. Even if the price goes up on a future version, you’ll never have to pay me another cent to always have the latest edition.

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